The call for projects to revolutionize healthcare in Belgium is closed !

Coalition Next launches its call for projects in belgium

Applications were opened from September 13, 2022 to November 15, 2022
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Our objective

The overall strategic objectives for Coalition NEXT 2022 are to improve the patient experience and to generate value-based patient outcomes in integrated care. To achieve this objective we are looking for solutions that help us with the following three themes : Enabling prevention and/or an accurate access to healthcare, Accelerating the diagnosis and/or optimising the treatment pathways and Smoothening the process of remote care



Enabling prevention and/or an accurate access to healthcare

Coalition NEXT is looking for solutions that help people to manage their health and detect a potential risk or early onset of a disease or health condition. The solutions should allow individuals to easily understand the insights, recommendations and the call to actions from it. The access, awareness and understanding of the data by an individual should be a first actionable step to reach out to and access the appropriate healthcare providers.

Accelerating the diagnosis and/or optimising the treatment pathways

Coalition NEXT is looking for solutions that facilitate a faster diagnosis by healthcare professionals or for solutions that support the diagnosed patients with treatment access and adherence. These solutions should guarantee the highest quality of care by integrating in the respective pathways that improve the coordination between the patient and the Healthcare Professional, amongst the Healthcare Professionals, and/or between different healthcare organisations.

Smoothening the process of remote care

Coalition NEXT is looking for solutions that support patients to stay in the environment they want to be treated, managed or monitored.  These solutions should create value for all stakeholders and facilitate a multi-disciplinary, hybrid and integrated care collaboration to avoid admission, support early dismissal, or prevent re-admission in hospitals. Solutions should impact efficiency in the process by optimising or centralising aspects such as patient monitoring (data insights, treatment adherence), patient interventions (eg. medical tests, early warning notifications with personalised thresholds, just-in-time and first-time-right interventions, coaching, treatment decisions), patient education (eg. digital literacy, disease progress, symptoms, necessary actions towards HCPs) and/or patient experience (with a focus on the interpersonal, emotional and care experience for patients, their family, network and caregivers).

Press conference

Process of the call for projects

Eligibility check  

To investigate whether solutions are eligible to participate in this Call for Projects, each company needs to complete an online form with some brief standard questions on their solutions. These answers will be evaluated internally prior to the Selection Committee.

Selection Committee

Every founding member of Coalition NEXT Belgium is part of the Selection Committee. They will evaluate the dossiers based on the 9 selection criteria : The company information, the suggested solution, the implementation

In-depth analysis

After the Selection Committee, the selected dossiers will then first undergo an additional due diligence by the experienced team of Digital Pharma Lab. The selected dossiers that are approved will be invited to pitch their solution to the Deployment Committee.

Implementating the solutions

You did it ! Your solution will be deployed in the Belgian health ecosystem!

Deployment workshops and project support

The actors interested in a project are brought together and define together with the startup the support and the accompaniment necessary to carry out its deployment.

What's in it for you?

Applying to this Call For Projects provides digital health solutions with the immediate opportunity to be implemented in hospitals and home care organisations. Coalition Next will bring the selected solutions around the table together with care organisations and life sciences companies interested in the need you solve. The real benefit for you? Your project will be implemented faster in collaboration with and through financial support from private companies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Not sure of yourself? This might help you!
What are Coalition Next's main expectations of the projects?

Coalition Next's expectations are detailed in the « applicant guide ».

Coalition Next's main ambition is to accelerate the implementation of digital health solutions in belgian hospitals and home care organisations to benefit patients and healthcare professionals. Thus, Coalition Next expects projects:

•     To be implementation ready
•     To be open to collaborating with other stakeholders
•     To present a real added value in health

How are projects funded? 

Coalition Next aims to accelerate the implementation of digital innovations in the Belgian healthcare systems. When multiple members are interested in implementing a specific digital solution, all parties are gathered together to determine the needs and objectives of that implementation. During these meetings, it will be discussed what resources are required to realise an implementation. The private companies interested in your solution could eventually help fund the necessary resources for implementation. It's important to note that companies that support implementation are not entitled to equity.

What project costs are eligible for funding?

The primary funding structures within the Coalition Next initiative are the health industry companies like, for example, pharmaceutical companies. Thus, all costs are eligible, provided they are justified and attributable to the project presented to the Coalition. Health manufacturers will check this aspect before any financial commitment on their part.

How much funding is there available? 

All founding members involved in Coalition Next are engaged to accelerate the widespread implementation of digital health solutions in the Belgian healthcare setting. To achieve this implementation, the commercial members can help fund the implementation. But funding depends on the interest in a specific solution. And the amount of funding depends on the money needed to implement that solution. 

Can a foreign structure apply?

An innovative non-Belgian company can apply as much as a Belgian company. Coalition Next will review each applicant against the eligibility and selection criteria similarly.

What type of structure can apply to the call for projects?

The innovative companies eligible to apply are the following:
• Companies
• Foundations
• Associations

What is the level of maturity expected for the solutions? Is it possible to submit a project that still requires technical development?

The main ambition of Coalition Next is to deploy solutions in hospitals and home care organisations as quickly as possible. Therefore we require solutions to have reached a certain level of maturity. Projects under development can be considered for a first "real-life" pilot, if the members are keen on embarking on that project. But as Coalition Next is all about implementation, more often than not, it is a solution that is already technically mature that can impact healthcare stakeholders immediately.

We have multiple solutions available for different needs. Which one should we apply for? Or how should we apply?

As we are looking to solve concrete needs, it is crucial to be as concrete as possible in your dossier. What need can one (or more) of your solutions solve concretely? Be pragmatic in your answer. Therefore, you might need to choose the most concrete one. But rest assured, success with the quick implementation of the first solution might also bring success with other solutions afterwards. 

We can help in different therapeutic areas, is there a therapeutic area with more interest?

Different founding members of Coalition Next might have slightly different interests. Therefore it is interesting to indicate if your solution is disease agnostic. But it is also interesting to know whether your solution can achieve remarkable things in particular diseases. In this case, we can recommend indicating both scenarios.