Private and public actors mobilize for health innovation in belgium

Our journey

Coalition Next is an initiative that brings together various players in the healthcare sector: healthcare manufacturers, insurance companies and mutual insurance companies, public and private healthcare establishments, institutions, and players in innovation and innovation financing, with the aim of promoting the adoption and experimentation of digital health in France for the benefit of patients and healthcare professionals.

This initiative is operated by Digital Pharma Lab. Its main mission is to launch calls for projects on specific themes in order to promote the adoption of digital health solutions. These solutions respond to needs previously expressed by healthcare professionals and institutions. Beyond this activity, Coalition Next is committed to digital health and its wide dissemination to all actors in the health system.

The first edition was launched during the health crisis related to Covid-19, under the name "Coalition Innovation Santé". This first coalition was initiated by France Biotech, France Digitale, MedTech in France and AstraZeneca, with the participation and support of AP-HP and France Assos Santé, with the support of Bpifrance and EIT Health. The objective of this Coalition was to contribute to relieving the congestion of the healthcare system and to allow patients with chronic diseases to continue to be cared for.

After the success of Coalition Next in France, the initiative was continued in Belgium.
  1. 2020. Coalition Innovation Santé
  2. 2021. Coalition Next | 1st edition of the call for projects in France
  3. 2022. Coalition Next | 2nd edition of the call for projects in France
  4. 2022. Coalition Next Belgium | 1st edition of the call for projects in Belgium

Members of Coalition Next Belgium

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Together, beyond the limits

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Pascal Bécache

Co-founder - Digital Pharma Lab
« Experimenting with the innovation of digital health startups in healthcare institutions, to improve the lives of patients and caregivers: this is the formidable ambition of all the members of Coalition Next, with an incredible atmosphere of solidarity and shared joy. »

Christophe Jauquet

Belgium Ecosystem Lead - Digital Pharma Lab
« Coalition NEXT is unique and impactful in how the healthcare ecosystem drives it. In less than 12 months, healthcare organisations and lifescience companies collaborate to accelerate the widespread implementation of digital innovations that solve their common needs. »

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