The first international
e-health collective

For the past 4 years, Coalition Next has been an open healthcare collective made up of public and private players who combine their expertise in an agile process to accelerate the implementation of innovative digital healthcare solutions.

Healthcare industry

Pillars of innovation, they bring their expertise and market knowledge to shape the future of digital healthcare.

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Healthcare institutions and patient associations

At the heart of healthcare collaboration, they play a crucial role in testing digital healthcare solutions and matching them to real patient needs.

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Public institutions,
other healthcare players

Committed to improving public health, they actively contribute to a dynamic and collaborative healthcare ecosystem.

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Startups and innovative companies

Bold and creative minds, they bring innovative and disruptive ideas to the table, redefining the way we approach healthcare challenges.

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Built on collaboration and innovation

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We promote collaborative innovation and deploy multi-actor projects to meet the ecosystem's need to combine its strengths in the deployment of digital health.

More innovation

We support startups deploy innovation projects in healthcare establishments. We believe in innovation to transform the healthcare system.

More care

All of our actions are designed to improve the healthcare system for the benefit of patients and professionals and thus help build the healthcare of tomorrow.

Coalition Next history

2020, Mobilizing healthcare professionals to face pandemic

Faced with the urgency of the Covid-19 pandemic, Coalition Innovation Santé was created in April 2020 in France, bringing together several dozen healthcare manufacturers and hospitals, with the aim of ensuring continuity of care.

In just a few months, Coalition Innovation Santé succeeds in deploying 19 digital solutions in over 40 healthcare facilities.

2021 and 2022, Proof of concept and collective reinforcement

This adventure continued the following year to perpetuate this collaborative spirit under the name of Coalition Next.
It quickly became recognized as an agile process focused on accelerating the implementation of digital innovations in the healthcare sector.

Thanks to an annual call for projects, the initiative continues to support over 35 projects in more than 80 different French healthcare establishments.

To date, they have raised around 3.5 million euros in funding from private companies wishing to carry out these implementations in collaboration with healthcare providers.

2023, Structuring the digital healthcare sector

Coalition Next is now expanding to other countries, including Belgium, the Netherlands, Israel and Canada.

This expansion testifies to the growing importance of collaboration in the field of digital health. By sharing their knowledge and resources, Coalition Next members mutually benefit from the best practices and collective intelligence of the industry, helping to accelerate the digital transformation of the healthcare sector on a global scale.

At the same time, Coalition Next France is stepping up its actions by mobilizing new institutional players and working closely together to structure the industry.

Coalition Next around the world

« Encourage innovation.
Change is our lifeblood,
stagnation our death knell. »
David M. Ogilvy

Digital Pharma Lab

Digital Pharma Lab is leading digital innovation consulting firm in healthcare. Its mission is to unite healthcare professionals, manufacturers, startups and institutions around digital innovation and collective intelligence.

Its approach, unique in Europe, is based on 5 pillars and enables all players in the healthcare ecosystem to undertake, innovate, evolve and participate every day in building tomorrow's healthcare.

Digital Pharma Lab ensures the operational running of all Coalition Next activities and acts as a trusted third party for members.


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Project Leader France

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Project Leader Belgium

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Project Leader Israel

Anaïs Delicourt

Project Leader Canada

Maarten Van Essen

Project Leader Netherlands

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