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For the past 4 years, Coalition Next France has been an open healthcare collective made up of public and private players who combine their expertise in an agile process to accelerate the implementation of innovative digital healthcare solutions.

Coalition Next France: where it all started

Collaborators federated around the deployment of digital solutions


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Latest calls for projects

Call for projects 2023

« Digital health, acting for the benefit of all »
In particular, we are looking for solutions designed to:

1. Reduce health inequalities
2. Improve the efficiency of care and practice by healthcare professionals
3. Act on secondary and tertiary prevention
4. Streamline healthcare pathways and the patient experience
5. Improve health knowledge thanks to data

Call for projects 2022

The three main themes of 2022:

1. More time for the patient: optimizing time in medical practice
2. Improving patient care via the Hospital-City-Home link
3. Empowering patients to take charge of their own health

Call for projects 2021

The 2021 call for projects grouped together four major themes:

1. Improving screening and delayed diagnosis
2. Improving patient care
3. Optimizing the organization of care
4. Digitizing clinical trials

Coalition Innovation Santé

Coalition Innovation Santé confronts the Covid-19 health crisis.

The Coalition Innovation Santé takes another step forward for chronically ill patients.


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Experimenting with the innovation of digital healthcare startups in healthcare facilities, to improve the lives of patients and caregivers: this is the formidable ambition of all Coalition Next members, with an incredible atmosphere of solidarity and shared joy.

Pascal Bécache

Coalition Next

Coalition Next is the tsunami of digital healthcare solutions being deployed thanks to the collective power of healthcare players: hospitals, patient associations and healthcare manufacturers, working together within the same organization and with the same objectives.

Didier Tranchier

Coalition Next

The rise of digital healthcare is currently facing challenges in terms of adoption and deployment among users. By placing collective intelligence and collaboration at the heart of our approach, we provide the entire ecosystem with the levers needed to act directly on issues and needs in the field.

Nicolas Bonnet

Project Leader
Coalition Next France

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