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Coalition Next Belgium 🇧🇪

Over the past 2 years, Coalition Next has expanded into Belgium. The Coalition Next Belgium ecosystem is the one that brings together the largest number of healthcare institutions. The Belgian collective is unique.

Coalition Next Belgium: Europe's first acceleration

Actors federated around the deployment of digital solutions


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Coalition Next Belgium


Projects under contract

Latest calls for projects

Call for pitches 2023

Applications are open until Tuesday 5th of September 2023

Coalition Next Launches a Call for Pitches. Come pitch your solution to solve one of our most pressing needs.

1. Enabling prevention and/or an accurate access to healthcare
2. Accelerating the diagnosis and/or optimising the treatment pathways
3. Smoothening the process of remote care
4. Gathering all digital health solutions and/or data onto one platform

Call for projects 2022

The overall strategic objectives for Coalition Next 2022 are to improve the patient experience and to generate value-based patient outcomes in integrated care.

To achieve this goal, we looked for solutions that would help us in the following three areas:

1. Enabling prevention and/or an accurate access to healthcare
2. Accelerating the diagnosis and/or optimising the treatment pathways
3. Smoothening the process of remote care


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Coalition Next is unique and impactful in how the healthcare ecosystem drives it. In less than 12 months, healthcare organisations and lifescience companies collaborate to accelerate the widespread implementation of digital innovations that solve their common needs.

Christophe Jauquet

Project Leader Belgium
Coalition Next

Bringing healthcare-related innovations to life goes beyond solving technological challenges, it requires to understand the realities and contingencies of HCOs, HCPs and patients. Coalition Next is a powerful process, allowing the different stakeholders to co-create and to collaborate in agile way, in order to improve access to innovative healthcare solutions for Belgian citizens.

Azèle Mathieu photo
Azèle Mathieu

Coalition Next Belgium

What I appreciate most is the primary focus on the process we go through as a group to find common ground to improve our healthcare system with digital innovations. It enables all partners to understand the different approaches and work together. Technology will be used in redesigning health services, but its quality will depend on trust between all stakeholders. That's what we are aiming for.

Dieter de Court photo
Dieter De Court

UZ Brussel
Coalition Next Belgium

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