The Call for Pitches to revolutionize healthcare in Belgium is open !

Our objective

The overall strategic objectives for Coalition NEXT 2023 are to improve the patient experience and to generate value-based patient outcomes in integrated care.

More concretely, we are looking for solutions that help us with the four themes mentioned below. Each theme even has some concrete use cases in which our members are particularly interested.

Call for Pitches 2023

Applications are open until Tuesday 5th of September 2023

Coalition Next Launches a Call for Pitches. Come pitch your solution to solve one of our most pressing needs.

  • 4 themes
  • Present your solution to 32 Belgian healthcare stakeholder
  • Implementation in the belgian healthcare system
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Four key themes for 2023

Enabling prevention and/or an accurate access to healthcare

1. How can we identify the at-risk patients ?

2. How can we prevent lung cancer?

3.How can we prevent falls and monitor patients at risk for falling?

4. How can we help address the issue of overweight/obesity?

Accelerating the diagnosis and/or optimising the treatment pathways

1. How can we detect and diagnose lung cancer earlier?

2. How can we design elderly or dementia-friendly hospitals?

3. How can we support renal insufficiency patients?

4. How can we improve the waiting time/triage at emergency room?

5. How can we improve the care pathway in COPD?

6. How can we categorize patients based on treatment outcome/prognosis?

7. How can we help support people with obesity?

8. How can we accelerate the diagnosis of Alzheimer Disease?

Smoothening the process of remote care

1. How can we monitor disease with oral cancer therapy at home?

2. How can we set up oncology hospital care at home?

3. How can we monitor T2 diabetes patients to prevent complications?

4. How can we organize home delivery of medication?

5. How can we organize physiotherapy and rehabilitation at home?

6. How can we better connect home nurse and hospital teams?

7. How can we set up direct communication between HCPs and patients?

Gathering all digital health solutions and/or data onto one platform

1. How can we gather all disease-relevant solutions on 1 platform?

2. How can we facilitate a single sign-on for Healthcare Professionals?

3. How can we collect data  from different digital sources?



At the moment, there is no call for projects in this countries. But don't panic: Coalition Next will be back in 2024 with a news, even more innovative calls for projects!


Startups frequently ask

What are Coalition Next's main expectations of the projects?
How are projects funded?
What project costs are eligible for funding?
How much funding is there available?
Can a startup apply in several countries?
What type of structure can apply to the calls for projects?
What is the level of maturity expected for the solutions? Is it possible to submit a project that still requires technical development?
We have multiple solutions available for different needs. Which one should we apply for? Or how should we apply?